000webhost email doesn't work


When I login to new panel it looks the same as the old one!
I did that migration thing, it says that i’ve succesfully created an account on the new panel - login to new panel and it looks the same as the old.
Any suggestions ?



You need to now delete your old panel site then delete the old panel profile. Hit your name under customer details once you’ve deleted your site and the accounts list is empty, then hit delete profile.


i logged onto the new panel…etc, everything ok, but my website work with www and without www it doesn’t work!
www.pro-cardetailing.ml works!!!
pro-cardetailing.ml doesn’t work!!!


@rciucalau Works fine on my side.
Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.


I tried from 3 computers, 1 mobile phone and still the same. It doesn’t work without www
It only works with www.
Any other suggestions?



@rciucalau use google dns.

Then clear your browser cache and data and the try again.


this is what it displayes when I access pro-cardetailing.ml (without www)


@rciucalau Try some other browser like IE , edge, opera, mozilla
Or if you’re using chrome…then use incognito mode

If you want remote help over team viewer PM me.


Yes, I want help, but can I write you tomorrow because now i’m at worrk and here teamviewer doesn’t work!
Only when I’m at home it works!
I tried with IE and Chrome and still the same, tried also with incognito and asked other colleagues to try and still that page with “Since May 1, 2017…bla bla bla” opens! :frowning:


@rciucalau no issues, just PM me or post here…when you are free.



@rciucalau All fine in your set web address tab.

The issue is with the browser. DNS issue.


Should I wait, or this is instant? I just made now this new panel! I don’t think this is a browser issue, because it tried from 3 computer and mobile phone and still the same! I think is a configuration or something!


ok, thank you, very much! I will post here tomorrow!


@rciucalau could be dns issue.
Use google dns as suggested above.
Check this tutorial.


it worked perfectly on the old panel, but since 1 May the old panel is gone…so i migrated to this new panel, and now it doesn’t work!


You site is working with or without “www”…as i posted screenshot in my above post.

Its just a dns issue in your case.


I checked the domain and it points to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com nameservers, but still when I try to access pro-cardetailing.ml it redirects me to a page of 000webhost telling me to migrate to new panel! :frowning:


@rciucalau can you restart your pc and then try again.


yes, but that is displayed also on other computers and on my mobile phone also. Still when I want to access pro-cardetailing.ml it redirects me to this page: https://www.000webhost.com/migrate?utm_source=000&utm_medium=rdr&utm_campaign=old_panel_off&static=true