C Pannel- Unable to Access File Manager

I am trying to access to file manager to edit the website content but it shows the error login credentials doesn’t match.
even after reentering the correct password and have reset the password as well,
kindly help me to fix this issue as soon as possible

Your account is affected by an FTP accessibility issue all you can do is wait it out apologies.

o meu também está assim há 2 dias atrás
sem acesso


Just have to wait it out unfortunately.
Nodes go down and come back depending on traffic, 1 of 18 has been affected now for a longer period than usual and developers are aware

How much time it usually takes to recover this issue?

Sometimes hours sometimes days unfortunately no ETA

Its already more than 2 days, I am unable to access my File Manager and Its something very necessary for me to access it for deploying updates.
Kindly provide me suggestion to come-out of this situation Immediately

Unfortunately there is one node that has been severely affected for the past 2 to 3 days and we are still waiting for developers to resolve there is not a thing we can do to speed up the process.
Simply wait it out or use alternative free hosting