Can't connect to your FTP server via Filezilla

I keep getting “Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity” in FileZilla, I just created this account yesterday and it was working fine.

So I have checked our FTP systems and they all appear to be in working order and responding to my requests with no issues at all.

I have checked your actual FTP account and it connects fine for me via in the and via FileZilla FTP client.

I have checked from my own network and a third party network in Germany and both checks respond OK for me.

I would think there a local network issue between yourself and our servers or a temporary timeout possibly.

I would advise in this order

  1. Toggle FTP OFF then ON.
  2. Change FTP / Website Password
  3. Try using a PROXY or VPN ( )
  4. Use alternative DNS to rule out any kind of local routing issue of your network administrator / ISP.
  5. Reboot / Power cycle your router if possible to gain hopefully a new Dynamic IP address if you are able to

After these steps if you are still facing issues I can only recommend creating a new website to see if this allows a connection if it does, then possibly there may be some sort of limiting on your IP address and the original website FTP which I can ask developers to look into but there would be no ETA, likely a week or more for this.