Can't fix file permissions


Can back access to folder fix file permissions don’t help


Hi @Enewill!

What folder you can’t access? File Manager loads fine for you from my location :slight_smile:




I think you have uploaded files named with non-ASCII characters (never do that again, especially for website files; that’s a bad approach), reason for what File Manager does not query them properly. I am afraid your only choice is to connect to your website content using a FTP client and dish things out manually:


no i still cant get access to folder and cant change permissions using filezila ftp


Can you download the folder?


no i cant do anything with this folder


Do you have a backup of all files you have uploaded on your website?


i no have any backup’s


It’s a permission error. Due to some malformed instructions the permissions of your folder have been changed and now the web server can’t read it.

I’ll contact an operator to manually change the permission of the folder from server directly.
Please be patient :slight_smile:


thanks you :slightly_smiling_face: