Can't reach


I’m a 000webhost user from Turkey. Unfortunately, while i could yesterday, I am not able to display any of sites now. (it’s been one hour since my first try today)
this is what i see when i try to open

I believe this problem exists only for Turkish users, because when I change my IP address via VPN, i am able to visit this website.

My ISP is not blocking the website. I’ve tried with different devices and IP addresses belonging to different ISPs. Also i am able to display the user area and manage my website’s files.

So, is this a temporary error, or did 000webhost just stop its services for Turkey?


000webhost is available worldwide, it could be just a temporary local error :wink:


Seems just temporary issue, May be because of Cloudflare.
You can use VPN, till the original issue is solved.
Hope your issue will be solved soon.

Can you try this tutorial, See if this helps you.