Can't upload due to FTP slowness


I’m trying to upload a site through FTP but it’s sooooo slow I can’t upload anything.
Is there a solution for this? Or a workaround?


Try this,
first zip all the files you want to upload…then,
upload zip…

Now use unzipper to unzip your files!!!


can you clarify exactly how I do that?


As said above…
First zip all your required files that you want to upload…
Then upload via 000webhost file manager.

Now use this unzipper to extract your zipped files instantly!!!
how to use unzipper:-
downlaod unzipper…then
extarct it…and upload it via file manager(if any error occurs while all files…then try uploading one by one.)

No go to “” and unzip!!!


The problem is that even if I upload a ZIP file it just can’t. The ZIP file size is of 2 Mo.



Feel free to PM me your FTP details and I will test upload a few files and if it works then I’m happy to upload files on behalf of you if that helps also.


Try upload using 000webhost file manager not filezilla.