Dashboard not loading


I added a same problem two days before, where my dashboard cannot be accessed by admins. I can login but not being redirected to dashboard.Whereas I can access plugin page directly through direct link(http://penpencilreview.ga/wp-admin/plugins.php)

I cannot access (http://penpencilreview.ga/wp-admin/index.php)

Don’t know if it is the problem of server.

I am trying to rename the plugins to find if those cause the problem

Help will be appreciated


Both links work for me, and there is currently no downtime. Make sure to clear your browser cache.



The problem is not with page loading. Once you enter the password and username it won’t load the dashboard. It just shows loading and it is like never ending


Make sure your URL is set correctly via config file or database methods?

Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


Right now I tried renaming the plugin and now dashboad loads pefectly.

Seems like the problem was with that plugin.

Thank you for your effort sir