First Hellos and first Issues ;)


Hi =)

Thank you very much for what you do.

Your contribution to this thing we call (digital :wink: ) life is wonderful =)

Things I have noticed so far that are iffy:
(you are probably already aware of these)

  1. The FTP issue…
    -> having to reconnect on every file that is uploaded - and- transfer success rate is 50% and too slow for primetime…

  2. Special characters…
    -> Sites with äöü show the characters as “�”

Mkay, thats all for now…

Thank you very much again=)

Take care and have a great weekend=)

  1. Regarding first point:
  1. please explain where do you get invalid characters error?


Hi Andrius=)

  1. I don’t think the FTP disconnects have to do with the FTP upload speed available… If must be some kind of server configuration issue on your side…

  2. the invalid characters: if I upload a simple html site (one page) up to you servers and then access them via a browser, I get the error (-> Sites with äöü show the characters as “�”)…
    -the html document looks normal on my pc, looks fine on any other host and has looked “normal” even on the 000webhost servers before you guys did some changes…

(btw, the changes deleted all my old data and account and uploads etcetc… - I basically had to reupload everything again)

anywho… just a headsup and some info n feedback;)

Thanks again for everything=)


new info :

yes, the server has issues uploading many small files…
the connection drops after every little file, connection failures occur and it takes hours/days to upload a minimal amount of data.

-> I then zipped all files into one zip and uploaded the zip file. -> very good speed and the upload took seconds and not days.

  • the only problem is then in the file manager, the unzip function gives me errors and is unusable…

conclusion: the upload speed is ok. the server needs to be configured properly as to allow the kind of data it receives without losing the connection or other errors (many small files simultaneously and consecutively)
Also - the extract function needs some TLC.

ok thanks again =)


Hello, we are working hard to bring new FTP servers online and solve those problem. Please be patience and sorry for any inconvenience that caused to you.



Nice one , guys- everything is good now=)

congrats and again, thank you very much for everything=)