I cant reach my website pls help


Im having a problem just now, I cant reach my website. But 2 hours earlier It was still loading.



Your website loads fine.
Try using


Try clearing your cache and if issue still persists reply with screenshots please.


Thanks for the replies, I tried asking some of my friends to try and see if it will load on their pc and mobile, but it doesnt as well.


That is a weird one which part of the world are you on? (not that it should make a difference)


Can you try here: https://proxy.toolur.com/

And try viewing junecasaje.com via it.


I tried using hideme and it works, Im from the philippines. Im also thinking it has something to do with it as well. But 2 hours earlier I was editing my website and it works fine. Tried it now and it wont open.


Reading back previous issues it seems a lot of users from PH do sometimes experience issues I can only suggest trying out new DNS servers and clearing your browser data/cache and history.
Server location does affect speed of loading sometimes and since you are getting “too long to respond” this may be the issue.



Im already using that DNS on my computer, I hope it gets fixed soon, coz of all my client is based from the philippines lol.


What are your results?



But what bothers me is, i asked 4 of my friends to try and opening it but its the same result as mine, also tried using LTE on my phone and still cant open it.


Hmm :confused:
Can you load http://000webhost.xyz/subdomain1/

Or http://infinity.000webhostapp.com/


I can load the first one, but I cant load “http://infinity.000webhostapp.com/


Hmm the first one is hosted on Hostinger while the second one obviously is still on the 000webhost free network :confused:
I can only suggest waiting it out and hopefully it resolves itself soon! :frowning:


I hope itll get fixed soon enough. I wonder if anyone also experiences this kind of problem.


I’ve seen a few topics in the past, they’ve been referred to use a proxy or VPN until the issue resolves :frowning:


I dont mind waiting, but i hope it gets resolved. :frowning: