I can't upload more than one file at a time and no folders


I tried uploading files to my new web site using the file manager which took ages, so I configured Smart FTP that I have been using for years and tried again.
This has always been fairly fast and I used it to upload my new site the first time with almost no timeouts.
This old web site is very large (802mb) but in the new control panel it times out after only one or at most 2 files and refuses to upload a folder.
In the past, I highlighted all the files and folders and moved them to the upload page and let it get on with it.
Now with one file at a time it would take me a month! How can I speed things up to the way they were with my first two uploads?


You can use unzipper,



I had no difficulty uploading to beath.net and it was as fast as usual with Smart FTP,
I will try uploading some files to my old control panel and see what happens


Beath.net is hosted at Hosting24 yes? Servers are much better and controlled over at premium.


So, is your problem solved?


Considering this topic is four months old, I’d say we’re done here.