IPBoard Don't work


Hello community, sorry for my poor english. Yesterday I’m tiying to open a community with ipboard, with the free host, but when i install ipb with ftp and i try to activate in my url crhome say’s that the page dont work, i think that this is a host problem, i dont want to buy the host if ipboard dont work.


Have you tried this tutorial??


yes, i do it, but when i try to acces de page i can see this altisking.000webhostapp.com the reason of this can be the free plan?? or the installation of the page, pls help i whant to host the page here but if this problem perhabs when i buy the host…

“sorry for my poor english”


I guess the files are not fully extracted.
Use unzipper to unzip instantly!!!


thanks men, with the unzipper all works well


If you’ve any issue do post back or PM me!!!