Losing contents/ CSS styles - After Domain Change


Hi there,

I got a big problem with my existing domain :

I have built an one-page website using wordpress. Yesterday, I accidentally changed my URL into “wordpress.zotems.com” and some of (not all) the contents/ CSS styles are not showing up in browser. The worst thing is that I can no longer connect to my admin page via /wp-admin. I am trying to upgrade my hosting plan now assuming there is a resource overuse…

Below are my screenshot of the website (it might took a long time to load the page with a little luck.)

Hope someone can help out. Thanks!


It looks to me like you just need to reset the URL for the site. Since you cannot access the wp-admin panel, what you will need to do is follow the tutorial below, which shows you how to change the URL in PhpMyAdmin.

Follow Option 3 near the bottom



I would recommend premium as you have figured I believe this to be a resource issue.