My domain does not work



I created a website with the domain “” to start, I then bought a .com domain name
I set them with DNS: and
I managed to link my domain with my site having the domain “” but I can not access the site with my .com domain, it redirected it to ""
By changing the domain name from wordpress I have complicated destroyed my site, can not access configurationx

So I remade my site, I connected with my new domain but still the same problem, how to do?

Thank’s you for answer


What is the domain in question?

#3 and the domain I would like to put is


Hi @Riyrr!

Technically, you should go to Wordpress Admin Panel > Settings > General and change all URLs to

#5 loads perfectly! :smiley:
You may need to adjust WordPress settings to reflect your personal domain however.

Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


I had completely forgotten this tab!
Thank you, it works!