Name Server Changed but not showing in Webhost


Hi there,

I purchased my domain name. The name server is pointing to &

However on the 000WebHost site builder, it shows my domain name parked and still waiting for nameservers. Can someone help please?


What is the domain name? Name servers can take up to 24 hours to propagate, so give it some time.


I got confirmation that name servers were updated about 10 hours ago. I’ll wait a bit more and hopefully it works. If not, I’ll update tomorrow.

Thanks again!


i have same problem, i was changed nameserver to & and i was waiting from 5 days ago to this time but happened is nothing. may someone can help me please :’(


What is your domain?


Can you check now under set web address and see if they have linked? Click manage, then link?


Thanks for your response.

I was able to link the website (without subdomain as I don’t need it).

However it is still showing as parked and the domain url doesnt work. is linked to

Do I need to wait for the changes to take effect? Thank you!!


The custom domain works fine now. Make sure to clear your browser cache.


What operating system do you run?


You guys are the best! Thank you!