Owned domain is redirecting to my subdomain


Yesterday I got a free domain so I decided to use it in my 000webhost website, so I parked it and wait for the nameserver checking. After this process is done now when ever I open my website with my owned domain it’s only redirecting to my subdomain. What to do??
here is my domain check it -


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


I Changed WordPress address via WordPress Admin Dashboard now it’s showing Website is no longer available .:confused:


What address did you set it to?


in both of them


If you want to use http://equinox.cf set the URL on both lines to “http://equinox.cf



Ah there you go you can’t use https on your own domain.

Use option 1 to change it again to the correct URL, if you can’t get option 1 to work try option 3 via database.


Thnaks … :grin:;
it’s working now… :kissing_heart: