Regarding over sleeping


web site temporally sleeping


Hello, my website is sleeping.



issue is solved, ty
Probably a mistake from my side with sleeping hours modification.


Still sleeping…


You said only 1 hr sleep time per day, why is it my web sleeping more than 12 hrs? Kindly do fix this for my web testing ty


same for me


You already countdown for my web site to sleep in 5h and 39 secs but until now my web is still sleeping, so what are you try to prove me with this?


Same issue here with me too. Please fix the problem ASAP


what is the website?


I promise I’m not trying to hijack this thread, but I’m seeing the same thing - my website is sleeping and it has been a great deal longer than 1 hour.

Could you please wake it back up?


@blenheim.tkd I have woken the site up. Good Luck! :wink:


wake mine too


My sites are sleeping all day?

Please, can you gently wake them for me, & if they need to sleep for an hour out of every 24, I’ve set them to siesta 2:00 am my time if that’s ok with you.

Thank you very much.




hahaha, sad but lol,

please wake mine too


mine also sleeping -_-


I have a capstone due in a couple days and I need my website to wake up in order to present it.

somebody please help me fix it! it would mean the world to me. it has been sleeping for 2 days now!


please fix this , i have my project due in two days


This is my URL

Is this any campaign to force users to upgrade?


Website is still sleeping : here is a coffee :coffee::coffee:


my website has sleeped 14 hours when it told just one hour can anyone help me to wake it up :’( this is my site