Signed up for free website, used my domain, how get email?


Dear 000webhost,

I signed up for free website: gewpi.000webhost…
I changed my godaddy name servers so I can use my domain name:

It works great except my email is gone! All emails to me just get MAILER DAEMON errors. How do I get my email now? Previously I just had one email address ( and it would receive all email to

I know this is probably opportunity for paid account but I only need ONE email address. Isn’t this included with free website?

Thanks for your help!
Rob Hock (now hosted on yay)


Hi Rob!

Thanks for taking the time to post on the forums! I’m not really sure why those issues are happening. I would suggest to sign up for ZOHO. They offer free email hosting along with many other programs such as a word processor, spreadsheet creator, slideshow maker, etc. This is all hosted in the cloud at no cost to you. Their email program is free for 25 users, which should be enough. You can always upgrade if you need to. All you need to do is go to: and signup as a business. Then, you just follow the instructions on how to add MX records to your domain.

Hope this helps!