Website migration issue

Hi, I an transferring my Wordpress site from another host to 000webhost. The default ‘Hello World!’ wordpress site loads fine when I navigate to after setting the nameservers and parking the domain.
When I copy my old site files over the default Wordpress ones (including modifying wp-config.php to point to the database I have imported) the site on longer works.
The error is: " is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 "

Is there a way to see more detailed error information?

I suspect this is something to do with some lines in my database referring to my old host username:
‘/home/nicktrev/public_html/wp-content/uploads/’ what should the path before ‘/public_html’ be replaced with?

here is my .htaccess file:

thanks, I tried that and now instead of Error 500 I get Application error (please also see screenshot)

Try removing all lines apart from the one needed to show errors it could be a bad line in the htaccess

thanks, that showed me the errors, it was a reference in my database to my previous host username, the homepage is now visible, for future reference the path before /public_html is now /storage/ssd5/165/username/
Unfortunately the other pages aren’t working, for example the ‘News’ page gives Page not found - error 404, is there any way to get a more meaningful error about what might be causing this?

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Try WP admin then settings then permalinks then plain or default and toggle and save.

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