Where is my error log hosting?

I need the error log of my hosting, where i meet?

000webhost does not support error logs by default, however I think you can customize the location of your PHP error log.

Open .htaccess and append this set of codes to it.

php_flag  log_errors on
php_value error_log  ENTER_YOUR_FULL_WEBSITE_PATH_HERE!!!/public_html/logs/PHP_errors.log

Your errors should now be stored in /public_html/logs/PHP_errors.log. Try it and see.

Please do reply the results, as I have never tested this functionality yet.

didnt works D:

and where is the saved-errors?

i have white screen when i enter and i cant see nothing…

Check public_html

I can not find that file

Are you getting an error page when visiting your site? If not there aren’t usually errors to be logged…

http://foro.circuitsbm.com/?action=search2 - 500 internal server error, yes, i have an error…

Where do you see 500 error?

But as I have modified what you said to me you see the blank screen

Try your SMF administrator settings, check database, check files etc, maybe lookup SMF Repair_Settings.php if that still exists these days?

I do not have the repair_settings

I need to see the logs of errors of this hosting since the SMF asked me, here you can see the subject. It says that you can give me the logs, that if you can not help me with my problem …


Head to General Settings on 000webhost.com and toggle off and on your error show option?

now i activated but still doesnt work

When you see the Error 500 page please take a screenshot this is when it should write to ERROR_LOG in my experience…


This page does not work
The page can not process this request now

What URL do you visit to get that?

Working fine here?


That isn’t a valid URL surely you can’t use ?action=search2 on a directory can you?