Www.domain - works, non-www displays migration msg


Hi All

I have parked my own domain.
After migration to new panel and linking with my domain Ive noticed my domain followed by “www” works well but when I ommit this I have info I need to migrate to new panel:

This doesnt work:

Any idea what should I do ?


Both URLs are working here :slight_smile:

This happens because you’ve recently updated the NameServers (a process which can take up to 24 hours).

Either you change your DNS, flush your DNS, clear browser’s cache and try again, or you wait :wink:


Your website works well. My webstite have the same problem. interat.net but if i try load in a proxy, for example, works fine. I try clear browser cache, flush dns and use google DNS ( but load again migration message.

I supose be patient… =/


@Maciey @interat
Your websites are loading fine.
It’s DNS propagation issue.

Use google dns.

Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.
also check using other browsers.
Else possible restart your PC and then check again.


As above


Hi there, same problem with
http://cinemasala.ch (migration message, but the www. version works fine)
No idea how to fix this! Clearing cache, restarting etc. all without effect.
It has been like this for about 20 hours now.
Thanks for any help on this!


Your site isn’t pointing at 000webhost.com from the checks I’ve done via nameservers or CNAME records.