FTP/File Manager down / My Website is sleeping! [READ HERE]


Not look promising for any, lost a whole site to things like this even at paid level, the competence, people screwing around with things they probably shouldnt, what else explains nonsense, upgrade & then promises start, they couldnt keep original word either.

However, there is one thing…Hope … perhaps … otherwise we are all looking for different service providers.


Yes same here I have been searching for a different service provider. Do you know any? I just want to use it for development test


Hi I’ve clicked onto many of the sleeping links they complained is sleeping in the forum and they seem fine except mine …
I am very grateful if any help can be done …



works now. enjoy learning


talentyaari.000webhostapp.com, my website has been sleeping since 2 days and nor the FTP is opening. When I try to open the FTP it says Details are not correct. Please fix this as soon as possible as it is my project and I have to submit it latest by tomorrow. Thanks in advance!


@aditya.krishna I see it working!



Even the FTP doesn’t work. File Manager says redirecting and then it ends up on a screen saying “Login Details are Incorrect”.


@aditya.krishna try clearing your cache.
because that’s what I see from my side

File manager seems to work as well


Thank you for the great service you provide and it continues to grow because it is one of the best, we hope it continues that way. Unfortunately my site has slept a lot and it is a project to deliver today in about 6 hours:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::sweat::sweat:, will be able to help me or tell me how much time can be enabled, I hope you can really help me :pray::pray::pray::pray:
my website is:



@nyels seems like fixed!


Thank you very much indeed I can not with such happiness, you are the best:hugs::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::sob:


Hi, my web has been sleeping for more than 24 hours, though its status is “running”. I’m new in 000webhost, I don’t know if this is usual, I have read it’s supposed to be because of the limits of the servers. Anyway, can anyone give me a solution? My url is: https://lapeseta.000webhostapp.com

Thank you


Same issue with me.

My site is pidginmoji.000webhost.com


Hello there, thanks a lot for your great service. I am using free hosting and am satisfied a lot. But for the last couple of days, my website is sleeping more than 14/15 hrs. I know that it should sleep for 1 hour daily. What’s wrong? I have a project to submit as academic purpose and deadline is coming soon. Due to website sleeping a lot, cannot work. :frowning_face: Please kindly look into the issue and suggest what I can do. I am a student btw.

my website: https://ahqmrf.000webhostapp.com/


@ahqmrf Sorry for this inconvenience. 000webhost grows very fast and sometimes bad things happen.
However, i am able to see your website now up and running.
Good luck with your project!


Hi guys,

I don’t know why my website it sleep more than 1 hour for every day, Please help to check.

My site : tophydroponics.000webhostapp.com

Thanks you.


You are not the only one, my site is asleep too for 4 hours already itanimalrs.000webhostapp.com but same as in your picture it shows Status: running. We need fix for this ASAP!


my websites sleeping morethan 5 hours so that is why indians are not trusting this webhost and check mysite is waken up http://zinkandroidexample.000webhostapp.com


Hi Team, My website too is sleeping, Could you please wake it up please