Help here for new comer,


hello admin

actually i preferred to write here also to avoid conflict or losing time

directly, i intend to build my website here on the free plan and use it

as small business idea for selling

so is it allowed

i have my registered .com domain also

but as i said i need to know first before i start

and after long search i also found that old topic and want u to have a look on it

thanks and hope u reply me quickly,


You can use it but don’t breach the terms of service or free limits :smiley:


thanks for reply

now i need that pls

1-000webhost nameservers

2- also i need to know if i want to add SSL HTTPS free from let,s encyrept so it would be ok ? on the free plan

wait your word

  1. You can use cloudflare for SSL, see #tutorials for more



thanks , but actually i prefer now to use letsencrypt so can i use it ?

2-how many websites i can do with the free plan here?

wait your reply to start work


Let’sEncrypt is not available on 000webhost currently sorry

You have 2 free websites per email address, what you do is up to you - just don’t breach TOS/Limits.


thanks infinity but

wwhat if i don,t want to use clouflare ssl and want also another company like comodo

or u mean that clouflare ssl is the only one used here?

wait u and thanks


Only solution available :slight_smile:


ckhawand thanks and

if for a reason i found that , the 1 GB disk space isn,t enough

and need to be extended for another half gb ,can u do that on the free plan ?


No sorry you’d have to seek other arrangements.


the watermark, if i have already registred domain //actually with godaddy//

so can i disable it, and how ?clear step please



No, you’ll have to have a hostinger domain to do that


well now for monthly traffic , how much exactly it will be as i see it on the hsotinger page unlimted and people say it,s 10 gb per month,



For 000webhost free: 10GB
For Hostinger premium and business: Unlimited


the dashboard is really too slow

is there a solution for that

i tired to upload the theme and it collapsed from appearance theme

so like that adding thing or post will be impossible, !!


Applies to WordPress and such :frowning:


but looks like that i can,t upload the theme or even a post,

i was with a a provider free also and left it because of that, the slowww of dashboard

so is there a solution?


Develop your site locally then upload once you’ve a finished product or seek premium hosting I guess.


u said //Develop your site locally then upload // so after that will be a solution on the free plan?



so???i still wait here