Las imagenes que contienen la ñ no me las muestra


Tengo alguna imagen con la letra ñ y al parecer aqui no me las muestra, antes usaba otro hosting y sin problema, alguien sabe porque puede ser?


Do you mean you have some text that uses the letter ñ? If so, there is a fix that needs to be applied, not sure why.

Try that and see if it helps.


I mean images, i have one with letter “ñ” and it looks like image doesn’t exist


Hmm, can you tell me what image this is and what site?


image is called “pequeñet” and this is my web site:


Hi @rosa_2904!

It is a known fact that non-ASCII characters can cause malfunction and it is strongly advised to use only ASCII characters when naming files, especially if you are going to use them in an application (such as an website).

Please rename your file using only ASCII characters.


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