Moving my site from old to new


So, I’ve backed up my websites by downloading all the files I uploaded through ftp. When I try and start a new website here and use the same login as I had earlier, it logs me in to the old panel. Do I really need to register with a new email? From what I’ve read it should work with the old one. Also, will i still be able to use the “hostei” or “net23” domains which my sites used on the “old system/panel”? I simply just want to move my sites over and still use the domain I used before. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong or how I can accomplish this?


@szku Can you PM me your login details? I can take a look to see what the issue is.


You need to follow the tutorial

You need to firstly login to the old control panel, select your site in the list, back up your files, now once backed up use the “move account” URL from the tutorial, once you do this and if it says “Account already exists” ignore this, hit back to your account list, enter your control panel of your site, browse all the way down the control panel and hit delete site/account.
Back to empty account list, hit your name on the right hand side under customer details and hit delete profile.

You will now be logged out of your account, now enter your login details again and the new panel will appear!
Click the + icon and choose a FTP username and password, now hit set web address and add your old domain.
Now upload your backed up files.

Site will be working fine after this.


Is this the link you are referring to?


Who me? No.



So once you’ve backed up your files/databases if any.

Hit your control panel up and paste onto it and browse to it - click move account details.

Now hit back and enter your cPanel of site again and browse all the way down and delete the site/account.

Now back to account list and on the right under customer details hit your name and delete profile.

You’ll be logged out, now log back in using same email/password as before.

Your new panel will appear, click the plus icon to choose FTP username/password.

Hit set web address to set your web address to the one you had before.

Hit File Manager to upload your backed up files

Hit Mange Database to import your databases if any.


I’m going through the guide now, but just to be sure. by doing this “Click on delete your website”, you mean the button “Cancel / Delete
Which leads to: If you don’t need this account anymore you can request cancellation. Account will be terminated and removed from your account list. and a button to press to confirm it.


Yes sorry I couldn’t remember the wording.


no problem, just didn’t want to do anything without being sure.


I’ve got it to work, but the problem now is that the subdomain isn’t working. when i type in I get sent to the screen I got sent to before I moved the website. Also, will I need to change all my links for images to work or can they still be example: and not


Clear your cache it is working fine here.


No leave your links as they are.


never mind, I didn’t know I need to go through and save it. It seems like it’s just a cache/cookie thing now. So everything should be working. I must say I really appreciate your patience’s and quick reply’s. Big thanks for that! Thanks to you too hexa, but I didn’t want to bother you with things I should know myself, but thanks for offering your help as well.


Feel free to shoot any questions to resolve your issues we are all here to help each other as much as possible :smiley: