Not sure this is wordpress or 000webhost



After I made a cloudflare account and switched the nameservers at godaddy yesterday I get this error?
Can someone give me some information on what I can do?


Have you setup Cloudflare properly?


I think so… I got the global API and I pasted that in the wordpress dashboard also at godaddy changed the nameservers to those of cloudflare.I changed them like about 16 hours ago. Other propagations took about that time for me too 8 - 16 hours.


Well the error I get when loading your site is DNS error so your domain/CloudFlare is the fault.


What records have you setup in CloudFlare?


I’ll screenshot that panel maybe you can point out which part I need to be in that may create an issue


Perhaps I need to enable that dnssec?


Within > set web address how are you parking or pointing?



above the screeny. :slight_smile:


This is the problem - when you use Cloudflare, you need to point the domain using CNAME not park. Try deleting the domain from your panel and then using CNAME. Make sure your CNAME record is set to “@” instead of “www” in Cloudflare as this will cause an issue. Then you can set the CNAME record “www” for “” and both will work.


Your explanation is a bit confusing… can you refrase it please where to change what.

So first I set it @ and afterworths www. ?


Make sure your domain is set to your 000webhostapp URL via CNAME as in my screenshot, and the www is a CNAME for your domain. Just follow my screenshot but replace my domain and 000webhostapp URL with your own.


Like this thats all or I remove in 000webhost panel these 2 ? Parked Manage Manage Subdomain Unlink


ok can you look at my latest awnser.


In your site panel, remove the domain from your account.

Click Manage and then Delete.

Then, point your domain with your existing CNAME record.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try spamming the enter button until it accepts - that seems to be a problem sometimes with Cloudflare.


So I do remove both parked and subdomain ?


Yes. When you have successfully linked your site via CNAME your control panel domains section should look like this.



Yes, this is an issue with Cloudflare. Try spamming your enter button over and over again until it works - that always fixes it for me.

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