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Hostinger was founded in 2004 and is now 15 years in business. is one of the best web hosting companies and the most expanding global brand in web hosting industry, with superb dedicated support departments, server collocations and development headquarters almost in any modern country all around the world. Hostinger group is part of the elite ICANN accredited registrars community. * Blazing fast web servers with SSD, zero downtime architecture and perfectly optimized PHP, MySQL and custom web hosting Cpanel. Average Hostinger web server uptime is more than perfect and is reaching 99.99% with true proof of facts in background. * Hostinger has a large number of reviews written by enthusiastic web hosting users all around the web. Some of which can be found on well-known - Trustpilot. You may also read extensive and insightful Hostinger reviews on * 24/7/365 dedicated multi language live chat and ticket based support with almost no delay. * Tons of premium Hostinger web hosting features like: Unlimited web hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited numbers of websites. Easy website builder and Wordpress optimized web hosting. 30 day risk free trial is absolutely push to try Hostinger unlimited web hosting hassle free!

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Website title - Premium Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, free domain and website builder.

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The hosting service from Hostinger gives you the best web hosting with PHP, MySQL, BW 100GB, unlimited premium hosting and a free domain.

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Hostinger International Ltd. 61 Lordou Vironos Street 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus Abuse reports are served at: abuse[at]

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Hostinger Reviews 2019

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Review of by Would Rather Not Say on 2018/12/11 at 12:07
Pretty good! Faster than square7 and much better control panel
Square7 staff are ***** who throttle you like crazy
Review of by Rosemary Castro on 2018/07/23 at 15:14
Estou muito feliz com a Hostinger. Faz alguns anos que hospedo meus sites com eles e já precisei de muita ajuda e eles são muito atenciosos. Recomendo a Hostinger, eu era muito leiga no assunto de criar sites e a ajuda do suporte foi fundamental pra mim. Obrigada a toda equipe Hostinger.
Review of by hxwuhxj on 2018/05/29 at 21:46
The web page doesn't clearly describe where the server is. Customer service has no response for a long time. HCN17880811 refund application. There is no server for the country in need.
Review of by Михаил Королёв on 2018/05/11 at 19:42
Отстойный хостинг, который был бесплатным, а стал дорогим и ничем от других хостингов в лучшую сторону не отличающимся.
При этом реальные цены не написаны. 189р - это самый дешёвый тариф при оплате за 3мес. При этом за один месяц вообще никак нельзя оплачивать.
Review of by Marcos on 2018/04/30 at 16:23
Excelente empresa. Tive anos numa de não me deu nem a metade de recursos e atenção que esta me deu. E o melhor de tudo pago o mesmo valor. Parabéns. Daqui não saio daqui ninguém me tira.
Review of by Farid on 2018/03/07 at 10:37
Hello. I want to know that, has your hosting 2 NS and 2 IP address each one?
Review of by Payton K. on 2018/02/16 at 21:28
I've been using Hostinger and their child companies for a long, long time. I first started here, on 000webhost. I liked it enough, that I decided to get a premium package over on Hosting24. I really love all the Hostinger has to offer, like the support and loads of features they give you, at a very great price! Best host around.
Review of by Christopher KHAWAND on 2018/02/10 at 14:18
I have been using Hostinger for quite a long time. I am honestly in love with their services! I mean, they have a 100% uptime (uptime robot proved), their support rocks (10 minutes average reply time), amazing services with the lowest prices, and most powerful servers out there with an A+ load time for the homepage! They also have a feature request area where you can request anything that comes to your mind! I would definitely recommend Hostinger to anybody.
Review of by Austin on 2018/01/15 at 03:46
Hostinger is simply awesome! At Hexa, we use Hostinger to host our website, along with customer data. Hostinger has not yet let us down and we've never had any downtime, which is great! Their plans are super cheap and it's super easy to use. We're not switching to any other host. Totally recommend!
Review of by Brian on 2018/01/13 at 16:42
I really like Hostinger's services. They provided unlimited disk spaces, emails and much more stuffs! However, I think they need to improve their 24/7 support since it is quite slow. But the agents are professional and enthusiastic, and I like them. Overall, the best cheap web hosting service, I do believe.

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