000Webhost and OVH domain


Hello i have my free web in 000webhost and i ma trying to make my ovh domain point to it and i am not getting anything :confused:
I tried going to ovh control panel dns and pointed them to


Hi @ayachii!

Please follow this tutorial to link your domain to 000webhost. Choose only one method: parking or CNAME pointing. I suggest you parking if you want more control over your DNS zone.


I am trying to follow that tutorial but i am stuck at the first step after nameserver

  1. Make sure that nameservers are visible for Google3.3k (change to your domain name).

I think i am missing something or taking something too literal


Can you remove the first two Name Servers?


without them doesnt work neither
There is the DNS Zone that has those settings


Ok, then delete from your registrar:


Also, delete the domain from 000webhost cPanel > Set web address (if you attempted to park it)

Now try the CNAME pointing method.


changed waiting maybe is that it takes a few minutes or hours…
But for the moment nothing ovh default page


What is the domain you want to link to your website?