How to point domain name to


After signing up to cloud hosting you will receive default website name such as This is very convenient because your website is instantly online. Website building can be started immediately. This name will be reserved only for you.

During your website building process you might think of domain name or you might already have a domain name. Setting your domain name instead of is a common intension. Luckily this is very easy to do. 000webhost provides 3 ways to change website address. Choose one that suits you best.

Park domain

000webhost provides DNS parking to easy change your website address. Change your domain nameservers to and Every domain registration service providers has its own method to change nameservers. Here is a list of most common domain service providers and instructions how to change nameservers.


How to change namservers on Freenom:

  1. Login to account
  2. Go to Services -> My Domains
  3. Choose a domain and click Manage Domain
  4. Select Management Tools -> Nameservers
  5. Select Use custom nameservers and enter and (ONLY these two 000webhost nameservers can be listed otherwise your website will not function correctly.)
  6. Click Change nameservers

How to change namservers on Goddady:

  1. Login to account and navigate to domain you want to manage
  2. In domain details page find Nameservers section and click Manage
  3. In Nameservers popup window select Custom
  4. Select Add nameserver and enter and (ONLY these two 000webhost nameservers can be listed otherwise your website will not function correctly.)
  5. Click Save

Steps after domain nameservers are changed:

  1. Make sure that nameservers are visible for Google (change to your domain name).
  2. Park domain in 000webhost panel. Go to Set web address -> Add domain -> Park domain
  3. Enter your domain name and click Park domain
  4. If your nameservers are pointed correctly to 000webhost nameservers, domain will show status Ready which means that is ready to link Website.
  5. Click Manage -> Link website.

Now your website can be accessed with your own domain name.

Point domain (CNAME records method)

Requirement is to add CNAME record which points to your website on 000webhost cloud. Do not change nameservers. You will have full control of your domain DNS zone. Depending on where your domain is currently registered the instructions to set CNAME record may be different. Here is the list of tutorials:

Use toolbox to test if your cname record was created correctly.

After domain is pointed to 000webhost cloud

Changing domain name usually involves some modifications on your website. Most common are these:

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