Pointing a domain

Hi All,
I’m trying to follow this tutorial: How to point domain name to 000webhost.com

I had no problems changing the freenom dns servers to the 000webhost ones

but kind of fell at the second hurdle!

1. Make sure that nameservers are visible for Google

where I put my domain name, even tried with the @dnsserver after the domain name like so:
dns lookup

It says “no records found”

I’m not sure what’s going on or what to do next.

Anyone have any clues?

Cheers folks and thanks in advance :-`)

Hi! It can take up to 24h for NS records to update.

What is the domain you need to park?

Hi there,
Thanks for getting back to me. The domain I’m trying to park is .dasynth.ml and my 000webost address is https://dasynth.000webhostapp.com/

I changed the freenom servers to ns01.000webhost.com & ns02.000webhost.com and I’m now waiting for the Google servers to pick up that change before I park the domain name here on 000… …or should I park it before the google servers pick it up. Here’s a screen shot of the Google admin toolbox today:


Can I do any more or should I just wait?

Thanks again.

Hi there please contact Freenom to see if there is an issue on their side.

For the domain to park or point correctly our panel needs to see a result in the same toolbox you are using.

Thanks Infinity,
I’ll do that and see what comes back.

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