How To Use Cloudflare For SSL


By default, 000webhost provides a secure connection for all subdomains. However, for custom domains, this is not the case. But with this method, you can setup your custom domain with a secure HTTPS connection for free.

First, sign up for an account at if you don’t already have one.

Then, create a site, picking a name and a password.

Now, create a Cloudflare account at

Next, add your domain in the text box, and click “Begin Scan”.

Wait for the progress bar to complete, then click “Continue Setup”.

Verify that all of your current records are shown, then click continue again.

Select the “Free Website” option and click continue.

Take note of your current name servers, and change them to the name servers listed. Then click continue.

Wait up to 24 hours for name server changes to take place, and recheck name servers every few hours.

When name servers have been changed, you should be able to refresh the page and see something similar to the image below.

Next, go to the “Crypto” tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. Make sure “SSL” is set to flexible.

Now, go to the “DNS” tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. Add the two cname records for your 000webhost free site, as seen in the “My Domains” section of your Control Panel. The cname records that you need to add are below.

"@" points to ""
"www" points to ""

“yoursite” needs to be replaced with your website name. And don’t use quotes. The “@” and “www” go in the “name” section when adding the records, and the 000webhostapp URL goes in the “Domain name” section.

Make sure that the orange cloud is turned off, or otherwise 000webhost will not accept your domain name.

Then, add your domain in your Control Panel, allowing a few minutes for DNS to propagate.

Once it has been added to your 000webhost panel, go back to Cloudflare and turn the orange cloud on. This will enable the SSL.

Then, simply design your website and add HTTPS in front of your domain when accessing your site. Simple as that.

If you want to check and make sure that Cloudflare SSL is working, you can visit and

If you want to skip all these steps and use HTTPS on your website, upgrade to Hostinger! All plans allow the use of third-party SSL certificates, and some come with a free Comodo SSL certificate for one year!

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I would also recommend that any of you using WordPress with a universal SSL certificate use the CloudFlare plugin as there are a few issues that can occur if you don’t {Insecure content and redirect loops}.


Thank you for this, if anyone wants to use this they can read your comment :wink:


No worries. I would also recommend a plugin called SSL Insecure Content Fixer to fix some issues as the content is loaded from a HTTP address and not a HTTPS address.