cPanel Update / Control Panel Fresh Look

Users may have noticed a few control panel improvements lately with feedback from users, the developers have released the new look!

You can head over to the homepage to login and check it out :slight_smile:

Login via homepage

Login to the panel using your email and password OR Social Login if you’ve previously set it up.

000webhost website list which shows your existing websites

Then top right you can create new websites

Hover over existing websites to bring up the manage website button

Or use quick actions to view your site in the browser or view important information about it

The information page gives you details about your website

  • Your FTP username which is always the part before 000webhostapp
  • FTP Hostname for connecting via FileZilla or alternative clients
  • Your home directory which you may need in various scripts when you host them and the nameservers if you are going to park a custom domain.

Clicking Manage on your site will bring up this menu of using the Site Builder, WordPress, Wix or uploading your own created content via File Manager.

You can host TWO free websites with 000webhost or even a third if you recommend us via Social Media

On the left you’ve got Power Store which gives you options to upgrade to premium, access NordVPN, Wix, Shopify and Elementor all great tools to help you reach your best in website building!

Tools menu is the most important menu it gives you the option to park custom domains using Set Web Address.

  • File Manager to upload your files, compress, extract and download files.

  • Database Manager allows you to access the creation wizard for making new databases with a username and password to use on your hosting with scripts and the option to access phpMyAdmin to import/export and run SQL queries.

See this thread for different methods of connecting via PHP to your database.

Cheat sheet available here

  • Email Manager on the free plan is quite limited you can create 5 free email forwarders, you don’t get an inbox by using this option you can only forward custom domain emails to an email address like for example and replying to them can be tricky if you wanted to reply from the address it was sent to - you can combat this by using alternative MX provider and having your own inbox elsewhere, or you can upgrade toHostinger which provides webmail and other great features!

Migadu Tutorial

  • Set Web Address Page

Various Tutorials for pointing or parking your domain to 000webhost

GoDaddy Tutorial

CloudFlare Tutorial

Both of these below should take you to the same place

Add domain button

Connect a domain you already own button

Purchase a domain via Hostinger this also will disable the small branding banner bottom right on your website if bought correctly.

Park Domain or Point Domain is important as parking it will give limited control but is the easiest method.

Point Domain gives full control at your domain registrar or alternative DNS provider like CloudFlare, you retain all rights to creating CNAMES, MX, A records etc to do wish your domain unlike Park Domain as the free plan doesn’t offer DNS management only Hostinger Premium would allow this feature :slight_smile:

Pick Park Domain

On Park Domain type in your domain name and hit park domain.

You will now see this message if you’ve not already updated your nameservers to point to 000webhost or if DNS propagation is being slow.

You may see this message if your nameservers are pointed and DNS has updated correctly it will be linked to your 000webhostapp :slight_smile:

Ensure on the My Domains page your website is parked and LINKED else you need to take further actions.

Waiting for nameservers indicates you need to update your nameservers at the domain registrar

If you’ve done so already hit Recheck Nameservers and just keep waiting / retrying till the panel allows you to add it.

Select Point Domain

Type in your custom domain you’ve registered elsewhere or via Hostinger

You WILL get an error message if the panel cannot detect the CNAME pointing correctly at 000webhost panel.

Ensure you’ve got two records at your domain registrar or DNS provider such as CloudFlare

Record: @

Type: CNAME  
Record: WWW

Be sure to change to your ACTUAL 000webhostapp URL.

When your site has correctly added via Point Domain you’ll see your website listed as CNAME and LINKED.
Ensure your site is LINKED correctly or you may face issues loading your custom domain.

After adding a custom domain it may be a good idea to update the configuration of any scripts you’ve installed on your hosting such as WordPress, SMF Forum Software, any script which has a configuration and requires a base URL, home URL and sort of URL configuration if installed while you had your domain you will likely need to update to use your custom domain.

  • File Manager is self explanatory you hit the Upload Files Now

Fingers crossed you’ll be successfully redirected to the file manager!

If you hit any issues just log out of, clear your browser data, log back in and try to access File Manager again, failing this use General Settings to Change Website/FTP Password and toggle FTP off and on this normally sorts little issues like this.

Left to right you’ve got

  • Create a new file
  • Create a new folder
  • Search for files
  • Upload files
  • Refresh the listing
  • Change the mode from LIST to ICONS
  • Language Selection
  • Logout

When you select a FILE

You’ll get a list of actions
Left to right you’ve got

  • Open File
  • Download File
  • View
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Copy
  • Edit
  • Permissions CHMOD
  • Compress
  • Delete

When you select a FOLDER

You’ll get a list of actions too
Left to right you’ve got

  • Open Folder
  • View Folder
  • Rename Folder
  • Move Folder
  • Copy Folder
  • Permissions CHMOD
  • Compress Folder (useful for compressing your PUBLIC_HTML folder to backup and download your files)
  • Delete Folder

Database Manager

Hit New Database

Pick a database name, username and password.

See your ACTUAL database name and username AFTER creation you need to use the specified values in your scripts or you’ll face bad password and other SQL errors.

Once created you can Manage the database and access phpMyAdmin to import/export and run SQL queries, change password and delete it.

phpMyAdmin should just look and run like it would locally

000webhost has request limits on database to provide an equal shared experience for all users, if you get any error messages logging into phpMyAdmin it would be likely you’ve exceeded the hourly free plan limits and hit rate limiting.

Rate Limiting Policy

Email Manager

Email forwarders can be created to parked domains. Park domain to 000webhost nameservers to create email forwarders

Input your desired email such as CONTACTUS@
Then where you want the emails to go to i.e. youractualemail

The Settings Menu
Gives you access to General Tools, Statistics, Security, Cron Jobs, Redirects, Logs and Backups

General Tab

  • FTP Details
  • Toggling your FTP off and on
  • Displays your website/FTP username always the part before 000webhostapp
  • FTP Hostname
  • FTP Port

Change Website/FTP Password option

Changing PHP Version option! Choose between 5.2 and 7.2

Change the category of your website, this is just a feature to help us understand the nature of your site and it may or may not impact future updates/upgrades to our panels.

The Sendmail toggle to turn your Sendmail off or on - you’ve got a daily limit of 50 to send.

Show Errors

This feature is normally enabled by default but there are other options to show PHP errors output and debugging features normally in your script you’ve uploaded or using PHP code in the file which is giving an error such as ;

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

Placing this code as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines of the affected file normally shows you more information when you load the page.
Don’t overwrite existing lines just move them down before adding in these lines.

Adult or Explicit content toggle off or on, again this feature doesn’t show any noticeable change but in the future it may affect the updates/upgrades to our panel to show us how users make use of our free hosting.

Show the branding, this appears bottom right on all free sites which don’t upgrade or purchase a custom domain via Hostinger.
It isn’t a hideous banner just a small powered by 000webhost banner which promotes our free service until you wish to upgrade or use a custom domain purchased via Hostinger!

Banner Example

Repair my Website
Use this feature to repair your website in case you encounter one of the following issues:

Incorrect file or directory permissions
DNS problems
Problems accessing your database
Problems connecting to FTP
Sendmail issues
Cron job issues
Other account or service related difficulties

Keep in mind that you may use this feature once per hour. In case the problem persists after using it, you should make a thread on the forum.

Reset website
Warning: Resetting your website will remove all website data. Databases, files, redirects, cron jobs etc. Reset when you really want to start from scratch. This action cannot be undone!

Delete website
Warning: Completely remove this website. All databases and files will be removed from system. You will not be able to reuse the same website name. Use “Reset website” feature if you want to recreate the website. This action cannot be undone!

Statistics Page gives you a brief glance at the usage of your site.
It will not CURRENTLY provide database information such as requests or if you’ve exceeded the free plan database limits sadly.

  • Monthly Bandwidth Quota
    (10 000 MB)
  • Disk Space Quota
    (1000 MB)
  • Inode Usage Quota
    (20 000)
  • Sendmail Daily Quota

Manage IP addresses
This feature will allow you to block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site.

Manage hotlink protection
Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website. Other sites will still be able to link to any file type that you don’t specify below (ie. html files).

Manage password protection
Password protection allows you to require a username and password to access a folder within your site from the web. When password protecting a folder, there are a few things to remember. Protecting a folder will protect all folders within that folder. Also, you will need to create users who can access the protected directory. If folder does not exist it will be automatically created.

Cron Jobs
The free plan allows you to add a cron job on your free hosting or you can use other sites like

10 different redirections can be added on our free panel
Hit New redirect to get started

Pick the FROM where the redirect is happening

Just type / if you want your whole 000webhostapp URL to redirect elsewhere
Then fill in the destination TO where the redirect is going

301 or 302 can be picked depending on the length of redirection

The logs feature on the free plan is quite limited compared to Hostinger Premium and you don’t get much information, upgrading will allow you to see more in depth information.


Free plan doesn’t offer backups but Hostinger Premium does!
You can simply use File Manager and compress the public_html folder if you feel you aren’t ready to upgrade quite yet or use FTP clients to download the public_html folder.

How to backup your website and why it is important to do so

Top Right Menu

Gives you a few links
The user icon takes you to your profile page.

  • My Websites - back to the website list
  • Learn to Code - out link to BitDegree the latest learning platform!
  • Upgrade - out link to Hostinger to upgrade to the fastest premium hosting available!
  • Get Help - out link to the community forum :slight_smile:

User icon shows “My Profile”

Select your name, country, language, timezone here.

  • Change your password to the panel NOT FTP for your websites

  • Close your account feature, this is not reversible!