How to keep custom domain's url (via Cloudflare)?


Hi there,

I followed the instructions of the other topic to use Cloudflare: How To Use Cloudflare For SSL - it works well, with only one issue: when my site opens, the original custom domain ( changes on the brower’s url bar to the
How could keep the custom domain adress in the url?

Thank you
PS: also thanx for your great hosting service! :slight_smile:


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


Well, if I changed the WordPress website address and URL to my domain (, then the site went into an infinitive loop of redirection and it was down (I changed back the settings already to get back it alive).


I just resolved this issue by installing the WP plugin ‘CloudFlare Flexible SSL’.

  • Followed the steps of How To Use Cloudflare For SSL
  • Installed and activated the WP Plugin ‘CloudFlare Flexible SSL’. I haven’t done any search and replace for http to https or whatsover, just activated the plugin
  • Changed both WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to ‘’

That’s it. No more redirection loop, and the url stays as my custom domain and the connection is SSL.

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