Using Zoho Mail (Free) to manage your domain emails

This tutorial is primarily aimed at users of 000webhost who have a custom premium/freeium domain parked against their 000webhostapp account.

If you own for example and would like to send and receive email to then you can use Zoho to give a nice experience.

Head over to Zoho to get started

Head to the bottom left and choose the free plan (note the limits)

Input your domain which should already be parked with 000webhost

Input a administrator email to start with and your telephone number and choose a password

A verification code will be sent to your mobile please type this into Zoho.

It will ask for your registrar

Simply select other then select HTML method

Now download the file and upload it to your 000webhost public_html directory inside a folder called zohoverify

So public_html/zohoverify/verifyforzoho.html is what you should end up with…

Once uploaded hit the verify by HTML button

Now it should instantly verify you own the domain

Create an administrator account :slight_smile:

Carefully read the documentation being given to you by Zoho

Now make the other email accounts you need to send and recieve email from!

It will offer you to make group accounts too

Now the most important step

Setting the MX record on 000webhost

You’ll see this message you need to login to now

Head to set web address

You are going to want to click Manage on your domain and use the CHANGE MX RECORD option

Copy in the first record given to you by Zoho normally with a 10 priority

Save and exit the panel.

Zoho will prompt you about SPF/DKIM which is a good idea to setup and if you want to follow the documentation to do so then you’ll most likely need to make changes at the registrar or use a third party content delivery network like CloudFlare - see this helpful tutorial - How To Use Cloudflare For SSL

I’ll skip this step.

They’ll also prompt you to migrate previous emails - again I’ll skip this step.

Zoho have a few handy applications available which I recommend downloading!

Sweet pretty much done and dusted here! Time to send a few test emails!

Any issues then please refer to the massive collection of FAQ available


Keep in mind, they don’t allow Free Domains such as .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq