WordPress not showing graphics; only plain text visible


Hi all,

I am facing a problem with the appearance of my Wordpress site hosted through 000webhost. When I open the site on my laptop, it looks fine. But then when I go to the site on my work computer (which has older browsers/ more security restrictions) I only see text and no graphics, images, logo etc. Since the website is meant for professionals, many of them working at the same organisation as I do, I need the site to function via this organisation’s computers as well.

I used this tutorial (How To Use Cloudflare For SSL) to set up https connection, and although that worked, it didn’t solve the issue of seeing only plain text.

Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance!



Can you give us a screenshot of what you see?



If you right click and inspect and view the console error messages do you get any?


No, there are 0 error messages there


I’m not entirely sure then unless your company firewall is blocking anything?


Hm, I don’t think so, and I have never had this issue with any other websites I try to access through my company computer.

But thank you for your help anyway!


Does your site load any better using the 000webhostapp URL?


with that url it doesn’t seem to load at all


Which is kind of what makes me think something is blocking 000webhost, can you load your normal site again and few the source code and search for 000webhostapp


Oh I think you could be right. Yes, looked at the source code and it’s all linking to the 000webhostapp url, is that what you mean? Is there a way to change this?

Sorry if this is a ■■■■■■ question - I’m very new at this.


I mean, not-so-smart question… :slight_smile:


Yeah there should be methods of changing it within wpadmin page
Something like Hostinger link changer?


Yes, this is indeed the problem because I also cannot access other websites ending in “.000webhostapp.com”

Thanks for helping me identify the issue, I’ll see if I can change it tonight and will let you know if that worked. Thank you!


if you (or anyone) have any further tips on how to change these links, those are welcome :slight_smile:


I know there is a manual way to search and replace using the database itself but I thought there was a plugin or tool installed by default to allow and mass change of URL but currently not able to find it as not on computer currently


Used the Search & Replace wordpress plugin to replace the URLs, and after clearing the browser cache, the website now works perfectly on my company computer!

Thanks so much!!