Freenom domain name


Please help me
I can not park my domain
I made notes in dns but I see the inscription “Waiting for nameservers” and nothing changes


Have a look at the first part of this tutorial:


Domain name


Hi @flyingcreation!

Your domain Name Servers appear to be set up correctly. Your only choice is to wait, as DNS propagation time can take up to 24 hours :wink:


Should I only use your DNS? Cloudflare forbidden? It works in 5 minutes.


You can set up Cloudflare as well, sure! Then you can point your domain to 000webhost using CNAME records.

Please follow this tutorial to do this. However please don’t blame us for the DNS propagation time. This is not something we can control.


Thank you. While I was understanding, your dns was updated. Now the site is working


You’re welcome!

Any issues you have, please do post back :wink: