My website not running for 48 hours now after registering name servers with cloudflare


Hey i got the tutorial on how to register the ssl using cloudflare from your website which is at How To Use Cloudflare For SSL
and i followed but i now get “Error establishing a database connection” whenever i try to access my website and whenever i check on cloudflare its still pending telling me to wait until 24 hours yet its about 48 hours now am still waiting.
could this be my fault? or is it because am using a free plan?
Please help
Kelly@Kp sounds


What is your domain name? :slight_smile:


my domain name is


I see error establishing database when visiting your site :thinking: generally this means a wrong username, database name or password.
Ensure the wp-config.php username and database name match that of what is shown on database manager then take the password within wp-config.php and change password on database manager to that password just in case.


ok got it i changed both passwords of the database and that in the wp-config to make it uniform and now everything is fine.