Redirect domain i bought. How?


How can i redirect a doimain i bought?

For example my free 000webhostappcom page is linked to the wwwmydomaincom.

But problem is that i want to redirect to a other domain we can call mydomain2com.
This is beccause mydomain2 have ssl and i need that for my website.

If mydomaincom had ssl i would not need to do this.

First i had a free 000webhostapp site and then i bought a domain from hostinger on the same account.

For now, i can only redirect my free 000webhostappcom domain but not the domain i bought.


Hi you can use cloudflare to setup ssl for your current hostinger domain.
Read how to do it here


i have same problem.

please help. you ca sign in on my cloudflareaccount if needed


Okay give me your 000webhost url and pm me your credentials and then change them after it got complete.


How can i pm you?cant see any function for that


go to my profile and press message button to send message :slight_smile:


sorry could not find any pm button. I send an email to you insetead to the email you have on your website.


i received :slight_smile:


Close this topic. I have solved it by e-mail :slight_smile:


It still does not work. Check yourself

No green lock on the url


The certificate hasn’t been issued yet. Wait for it and then follow the step i said


it says it is active. “status: active certificate”


Still not working. Wgat to do?


Hey you just have to turn on those clouds. I have did this for you and your certificate is working fine but it won’t show green padlock because your website have mixed content. Like some are from secure https and some are non secure http
For getting a green padlock you have to use all https url in your website code or all http url