Custom domain is being redirected to hosting domain. Need solution


Hello 000webhost team and members. I am facing some problems with my hosting. I need your suggestion/ help to solve this.

Suppose I have a website hosted at 000webhost named “hostdomain”. I have created a custom TK domain from freenom and parked it with this hosting. Now the problem is, whenever I go to my website by “customdomain dot TK” it redirects to the original “hostingdomain dot 000webhostapp dot com”

Some other problem that I am facing are-

I have installed wordpress in my site but I am unable to use my wp admin panel by my “custom domain/wp-admin”

And last one is, I can’t setup my website in “Cloudeflare”. When I submit my domain it says something like “we are unable to find any website with this address”

Hope I"ll get the solutions. Thank You. :slight_smile:


Follow the below tutorials


Thanks for the tutorials. I have completed all the steps properly and it worked!
I could use the https protocol with my custom domain to enter my website along with the wordpress admin panel.
But the problem started when I changed the address for my wordpress panel from “http” to “https”. After changing the admin panel to “https” I am unable to access the website. It’s displaying “THIS WEBSITE REDIRECTED YOU TOO MANY TIMES” error. How I am I going to solve this?

In case you need my website info: My website address is and custom domain is