Transfer Domain from 000webhost to My Domain



I recently bought a domain ( and I am trying to move my site from 000webhost to that domain.

I still want to host it from my 000webhost site, and it doesn’t matter to me if my 000 website is terminated in the process, as long as I can make edits through the 000webhost editor and have it appear on my new site.

All the tutorials all show how to switch from your site to 000webhost, which isn’t my intention.

Any help is great! Sorry if it’s a dumb question, I’m not very educated on how these ‘transfers’ work.

  • Aman


Nothing huge, you just have to point your domain to your 000webhost app :slight_smile:


Yes, I have tried that, but then my site simply redirects to the 000webhost URL, which I don’t want.
EDIT: I tried again, and although it’s only been an hour, nothing’s happened.

Why isn’t this doing the trick?


Okay, the process went through and it’s doing exactly what I didn’t want - it’s redirecting the URL I bought to the 000webhost URL (which would make it somewhat pointless to buy the URL in the first place)


I see many people are viewing this - if anyone could reply here, it would be great :slight_smile:


Set to and

Then make sure you configure your script URL to the domain instead of 000webhostapp


Good on you for mentioning the second part, it was the thing that needed changing!