Getting started

Getting Started

Not sure what to do with the website you have just created? Don’t worry, in this guide, we will go through the most important features and tools you can find on 000webhost members area. From domain name management to website creation - we will cover the most necessary topics. Let’s get started!

Navigating in members area

Login to 000webhost members area

000webhost members area was built having user experience in mind. Therefore, it’s extremely easy to navigate to find tools needed to configure websites.

List of websites

List of your websites is presented you after login. At any time you can click on top “+” to create new website. Follow on screen instructions to create new website.

Website is shown as a card with a website name. “Manage” button will provide tools to control your website. “Info” button will show basic website information

Managing website

Using navigation buttons at the top of the members area you can quickly jump to different website management sections:

  • Build website - Start building your website here. Access easy to use website builder. One-click WordPress install. Upload files with web file manager.
  • Set web address - Change website domain name at anytime. Choose new premium domain name or add domain name you already own.
  • Upload files - Access file manager. Upload files using web browser.
  • Manage database - Place to manage your databases. Create, access, change password for MySQL databases
  • Manage emails - Easy to use email forwarders. Email forwarders helps to redirect your domain emails to mailbox you already own.
  • Settings - Change website password, php version and other settings in this section. Create cron jobs, redirects and password protected directories here.

Creating a new website

Creating a new website has never been easier. Choose from 2 powerful tools and start a professionally looking website with just a few mouse clicks:

  • This powerful drag and drop website builder is perfect if you are not familiar with content management systems or coding. Just choose a preferred template and start filling your website with content.

  • Using our custom built app installer it will take just a few minutes to install popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, etc.

Besides these options, you can code your own website and use already mentioned methods to upload files to the server.

Changing your domain name

After signing up to cloud hosting you will receive default website name such as This is very convenient - website is instantly online. Still if you would like to change that - do this tutorial

Creating an email

When you are ready with your website next step is to offer beautiful looking email address and make your clients trust your service. Create email forwarder

Uploading already created website

Moving or transferring website can be painful and overwhelming for many users. But not on 000webhost! You can use 2 different tools to upload your website files:

  • Web File Manager - Using web based file manager you can upload and manage your website files. It’s fast and super easy to use. Remember you can upload zip files and extract them.
  • FTP Access - 000webhost supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP), therefore you can use an FTP client to upload your website files.

Building website content

Most important task for your website is to be found. Creating content is by far the most influential step. Some tips for the start.

  • Create unique and meaningful content - Search engines will quickly catch interesting content you are creating. Be unique - it works
  • Start Blog - Blog is very good way to start creating unique content
  • Collect subscribers - No matter if you are offering products or services start collecting email subscribers. You will soon be able to communicate with your customers directly.
  • Landing page - Your home page should introduce products or services you are providing in simple manner.

Getting help

000webhost is the oldest free hosting provider on the net. Since 2006 inception big community of webmasters have gathered and are willing to help you in community support forums. Make sure you have searched forum before posting a question. It is most likely been already answered. But still feel free to join biggest free hosting community and participate at