Using 000webhost with already purchased domain name


Hello, I am very new to creating a website, so maybe there is something I am not understanding. I want to use an already purchased domain name (purchased at namecheap) with 000webhosting. Is it possible to do that and have the 000webhost not be attached to the domain? Help teach me! I am trying to set up a WordPress blog and am very beginner at this, but am eager to learn!


Yes it is possible, on cPanel, set web address once you’ve created a website and park domain and type in


follow this tutorial


Thank you! I did as instructed. It doesn’t seem to be live yet, but I guess the change can take up to 24 hours so hopefully it will happen then! Currently it says waiting for name servers and although I have requested it refresh, it is still waiting. I am going to assume this is normal until tomorrow!