Unable to point to my site


When you want to add a subdomain like your blog., you have to add a new website for it in 000webhost. And you can only define one subdomain unless you upgrade to paid account.
Here is a clumsy how to add a subdomain of mine.


Thanks for the advice but I will need more DNS features.

Is it normal to wait over 24 hours after creating cname record?


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@petkov Is your issue solved?


NO! Will you be able to help?


i will try my level best…
But be more specific with your problem!!!


I would like to point http://petkovstudio.com to http://petkov.000webhostapp.com. I have made the correct cname record, but 000webhost.com cpanel did not accept my domain and I have the following message when I try: Domain petkovstudio.com cname must be pointed to petkov.000webhostapp.com, even though I have already done this 24 hours ago, and I have check in mxtoolbox.

What shold I do? I am not having website, and I am not having email.



have your updated these nameservers???
If yes…these are wrong nameserers…and you dont want nameservers if you have pointed it using cname.

Just remove those wrong updated nameservers!!!

Then wait till it get fully propagated…

till now the cname has not been propagated


I have done this. As I mention - NOW I have only one record: cname www to petkov.000webhostapp.com

Is there someone out there who have ever succeed to point to his own domain using cname? I really doubt that it is possible? Is it?


why are you using nameservers if you are using cname to point towards 000webhost???


Although, I think that there is no full DNS control at 000webhost cpanel and there is no way to add cname using 000webhost nameservers - otherwise I would not try to point my domain to my site using cname? Is there any other reason 000webhost to not accept my domain while I am having the right cname record?



Everybody needs DNS administration and as you see, I am using asphostbg…orderbox-dns.com - they have provided me the domain.

Is there any other reason 000webhost to not accept my domain while I am having the right cname record?


To Manage you dns zone from 000webhost…you need a premium hosting!!!

Dont worry if your remove domain related name servers…nothing will happen!!!


I WANT TO HAVE MY SITE petkov.000webhostapp.com loaded when I am typing petkovstudio.com in the browser, whithout paying for a premium hosting and without using 000webhost DNS nameservers. Is it possible at all? I can make it with redirect and mask, but I am using this service for another redirect (the first line in your picture - type TTL 29 …, and as I have already mention - I have deleted this record, but I will need it in future). I WOULD LIKE to make it as it written down in the tutorial How to point domain name to 000webhost.com (poit domain using cname). Is it possible at all?

“Dont worry if your remove domain related name servers…nothing will happen!!!” - I am not worring, I have tried dns1 and dns2.000webhost.com to see is using own domain working at all.

Thank you for your offer but I am not planning to pay for a premium 000webhosting for an educational non-commercial web site. Is there someone who can help me or this is a chat room?


Yes…without paying it is possible…using cname…
I know you have added the name record on your domain dns…but its not propagated at all.
wait till it gets propagated then you’re good to go.

Usually it takes upto 48hrs to fully propagate.


Thank you very much for your assistance! It is best that you are sure. Thank you very much for checking the records and for your time.


Have you updated to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com?

not dns12


I have 100% propagation to petkov.000webhostapp.com and I am not able to point www.petkovstudio.com to my website - 000webhostapp.com still return message: Domain www.petkovstudio.com cname must be pointed to petkov.000webhostapp.com (the very first screen in the topic). What should I do now?


I guess your website is not being hosted here on 000webhost.

And your website is working too using domain name.

You could have use 000webhost name servers to park your domain too.


JUST ON TIME HELP! I have already deleted my web site and I have gone to a paid hosting but cheaper than the 000webhost. Thanks. I gave up after long 50 hours without website and email.