000webhost forum pages sometimes goes blank


I come across this once in a while. Can you please fix this.


Hi as i think this is a issue with discourse or issue with chrome.
I have seen this many time but after pressing CTRL + F5 it refresh the cache and show the full page.


Perhaps your application is crashing - we cannot tell from a blank image. Install a logger to see if there are any issues.

Or, temporarily, add ini_set('display_errors', true); to the start of your code. Don’t leave it like that in production (in fact, you should force it to be false) but for development it is helpful.


As we can’t use logger with chrome. We can use it for our websites only.


It’s not his website, lol, It’s the forum you’re on right now.


Ah, my mistake - thanks! Is someone able to send an upstream report to a Hostinger employee? Discourse will have its own logs to examine.


We are already aware of this issue, the developers will work on that later.