000webhost in cloudflare


I had been using my domain anupdhungana .com .np in some other hosting provider. And now I wanted to switch to 000webhost.

domain status::

  1. I had already been using cloudflare in previous hosting provider as well. So, my NS are elmo. ns. cloudflare .com and ‘gina. ns. cloudflare .com’

  2. In cloudflare A records and CNAME records pointed to previous hosting provider’s IP, which I changed as shown in the image. I followed a tutorial in this link How to point domain from cloudflare.com to 000webhost.com

  3. when i open anupdhungana dot com dot np it shows empty page with 000webhost logo (cant post two images)

  4. anupdhungana dot 000webhostapp dot com works fine.

  5. I have also parked my domain in 000webhost but it still says waiting for NS.

How can I correct this so that my domain works ?
Also what should be added in cloudflare MX records to make make use of emails ?



Your mistake,
what you’ve done is, You have parked you domain using nameservers, then unparked it again and updated cloudflare nameservers.(after updating cloudflare nameservers you can’t park your domain).

To fix your issue, follow these steps:-
1)Now first update 000webhost nameservers on you domain dns and wait till NS gets fully propagated.
2)After you’ve completed above step, Park your domain in your 000webhost account.
3)After parking your domain, Log in to your cloudflare account and add this domain,
4)Now without unparking your domain from 000webhost , update cloudlfare nameservers on your domain dns.

This will solve your issue :slight_smile:

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