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The GitHub respository responds with Error 404 when the browser tries to load your logo, at least on my website:
Moreover, I don’t think that logo is well-made. First of all, GitHub respository appears to refuse to give any content to older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, even though they are perfectly able to handle PNGs. Second, you are using “position:fixed” even when no doctype is specified (so that I can trigger the quirks mode I need to make some features of my website available in Internet Explorer 7-8), resulting in undefined behavior in many browsers. Third, your JavaScript appears to be using common function names such as “ajax”, resulting in name aliasing which is very hard to debug. Fourth, it interferes with the user interface on mobile devices so much that I needed to use some weird JavaScript trickery to remove it in my PacMan game playable on smartphones (http://flatassembler.000webhostapp.com/pacman.php). If you didn’t use “position:fixed”, I wouldn’t have to spend hours finding out how to do that.


Hello. We’re currently working to resolve this issue. :slight_smile:


OK, it’s a lot better now. At least the link doesn’t block JavaScript from responding to the events in the bottom left of the page (as it used to).
By the way, if the JavaScript console in older browsers shows a bunch of errors with this new logo, just insert this JavaScript code somewhere in your webpage:

if (!document.getElementsByClassName)
                var niz=document.getElementsByTagName("*");
                var ret=[];
                for (var i=0; i<niz.length; i++)
                    if (eval("/(\\s|^)"+str+"(\\s|$)/").test(niz[i].className))
                return ret;

It works even in Internet Explorer 6, see here:
(Internet Explorer 6 shows no errors if you open that web-app in it.)


Good day, sir!

Ideas have been reported and will be reviewed as soon as possible. Thank you :slight_smile: