000webhost not recognizing CNAME record on CloudFlare DNS


I followed the tutorial on How to point domain from cloudflare.com to 000webhost.com; however, when I try to add the point domain in 000webhost I get the error “Domain www.patentexamprep.com CNAME must be pointed to patentexamprep.000webhostapp.com”. I created the CNAME record in CloudFlare nearly 2 days ago, so it should have propagated by now. Screenshot from CloudFlare is provided below.

Pointing CNAME isn't working

Same problem, 000webhost not recognizing CNAME records for my subdomain.


DNS can take up to 48 hours including longer with some ISP taking 3-5 days!!


DNS records have almost fully propagated. Still receiving the same error when trying to add the point domain in 000webhost.

Seems to me like the point domain tool for 000webhost is failing to recognize proper CNAME records. Is there a way you can override?



Mine has propagated fully except by somewhere in Denmark. Check yourself, that is NOT the issue. I insist there is an issue with this feature on 000webhost service!


In my case i…updated clousflare name servers on my domain dns management and with in 2 min…cloudflare recognised my updated name servers and then everything was good :wink:


@mikemorris First you have to update your cloudflare nameservers in your domain dns management.
(name servers of cloudflare comes to your registered mail)

also make sure that you have added cname pointing towards your conical name(patentexamprep… in your domain dns.

Then when come back to cloudflare…and you will get to know…what you have to do!!!


Thanks for the tip @akhilkumar332

I originally had Cloudflare nameservers in my domain DNS management, but wondered if Cloudflare’s CNAME flattening was preventing 000webhost from reading the CNAME records. I subsequently switched back to my registrars default nameservers and created the CNAME records manually (that’s what is shown in the propagation shown above), but that also failed to correct the error code on 000webhost. I’m convinced now that the issue is with the 000webhost pointing tool.


I am having the same problem as everyone else except my domains are with Google. It’s been over 48 hours and I am still getting the error message that says 'you must first point your CNAME to…" I, like mikemorris, believe the issue is with 000webhost pointing tool but it doesn’t seem like we are going to get any help with the situation. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated…


@TheEventCreator have you updated the cloudflare name servers on your google domain dns?


I believe that if he uses Google Domains he doesn’t have cloudflare DNS, he must be using the DNS from Google Domains.


Some problem for me, any solution?


@btd1337 what problem


Webhost doesnt recognize cname of cloudflare.

But… Look: www.lourentino.eng.br (Cloudflare is ok)

When I try set domain (point) in webhost an error occured. (Domain not point cname…)


@btd1337 I guess…no cname is required as you have already updated cloudflare nameservers

Remove cname record from your domain dns and then try again.


I need cloudflare for Zoho mail.

This change in nameservers dont affect Zoho’s MX and Dkim?


@btd1337 Follow this process.

First delete cname record and then update cloudflare nameservers …do these both on your domain dns.

But don’t delete any mx and dkim records.


I’m having the same problem - DNS has been given plenty of time, and the site resolves in a browser to the 000webhost site. It still says there is no CNAME record, and there clearly is - the only place it hasn’t resolved is in Cape Town, ZA according to the DNS checker.


What is your site?



sc-middx-org-uk which should be mapped to www.sc-middx.org.uk