Account is suspended


Hi ankit,

Your website was reported by 3rd party abuse detection system - SiftScience.

Reason: Awex malware scanner found malicious content

My system running out of date antivirus might be the reason .


I don’t know why the forum deleted this post.

The account was suspended multiple times for having a Facebook phishing script. The hosting account will not be unsuspended, if you want to create a website, you will need to create a new account.

Phishing is illegal and will not be tolerated. If you continue to use this service for phishing purposes, you won’t be allowed to host anything.


Hi sulliops,
I dont know what inside the package that i have to upload dear.

I am really applogise plz activate my suspended account


Hi Ankit, I suggest finding alternative hosting.

Phishing of any kind if NOT PERMITTED on 000webhost or sister services.

Thanks again.


I make you sure only scanned nd clean code will upload now on.

I will verify own first


I wish I could unsuspend the account, but our terms of service specifically state that phishing websites will not be tolerated. Like I said, if you want to host again, create a new account with a different email.


I can see the files uploaded came from the computer you are using so that would indicate you uploaded the files with the offending code, again the account will remain suspended.


I really dont know what malware inside the package


I will also be notifying your ISP because they keep logs themselves of your IP address and the files uploaded/downloaded on your connection.
Phishing comes under abuse on the ISP’s TOS also so you can have your connection suspended too.


Like I said, the files were a Facebook phishing script.


Thanks sulliops,
I really applogise for inconvenience but truth is i dont know what inside the package.


Sorry infinity
Can my account activate again


How can you not know? Where did you get the files from?


Once again, the account will not be reactivated. If you want hosting, use another account with another email.


From one of tutorial site.


Which tutorial site? I will have to contact the owner to have the post removed, phishing is illegal and so are posts about it.


Ok sulliops if its in ur hand plz unblock account i make you sure it will not happened again


No, if you want hosting again, create a new account with a new email. This account will not be unsuspended.


Thanks sulliops,
I promise u my brother only clean file will upload from my newly sign up account.

I really applogise for inconvenience and thanks for guidance.