Addendum to "PHP problems with apostrophes and Quotation marks"


I just discovered an even easier way to do this!

Just open the php file with Microsoft Notepad.

Then, just to the left of the SAVE button, there is a dropdown menu just to the right of the word ENCODING.

Just choose UTF-8 and save the php file.

That’s it!

If you open the file in Microsoft Word, you’ll notice that some characters present themselves in a special manner. For example:

apostrophe becomes: ’

As I searched around the internet the last few days, it was amazing how many sophisticated people had no clue, and even those sharp guys circled around and around chasing endless red herrings.

I hope this bit of information is made note of, to save others a lot of trouble.

Again, thanks again to Supun and Ckhawand for their patience and help



We are really grateful about you sharing you experience with us. I’m sure this will help others to solve their problems like this.

If you have any question open a topic :wink: