An issue with a 502 BadGateway (openresty)

Hello. I have a problem: my website [] does not load and gives me back 502 Bad Gateway error. My browser’s cache is cleaned, my internet connection is fine, and the site doesn’t seem to reach the Danger Zone of requests per minute so it shouldn’t open up an error screen like this. Could anybody of 000WebHost staff help me with this problem, please?


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We are working on this now.

I have that error also.

18 May 2020

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Website is

Also here. Same problem since few days.

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I have same problem. Site not working.

Same here
Please notify us as soon as it’s getting solved @Infinity

Same problem here
Please help

I have the same problem with It does not work 2 days! Could you please help us?

Please I’m having same issues
Immediately after the login page it loads the 502 bad gateway page …
Please help

it happen to me many times,
now, impossible to access to my FTP
File Manager Down, only SQL is working
i expecting that it will be down very soon as well

Developers are more than aware of the 502 errors / FTP stability that has been affecting free users for a week or so, they are working on resolving said temporary issues - but there is nothing users can do apart from wait.
Try using alternative free or paid hosting in the meantime.

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