An MX record not found and issue of pointed to


I am in the process of using cloudflare for my SSL. It is indicated on the page that

  1. an MX record was not found for my root domain.
  2. The first row that has A, value column, it is indicate points to Is this in order?




Hi it is just a system message and it won’t affect your website records or anything. If you want to setup your company email like then you have to add mx records to your cloudflare account. Until then there is no need for it


And let me clear that 000webhost only support cname records for domain pointing so remove the A record and add one more cname record




000webhost does not provide static Internet Protocols (IPs) for our users as we are a completely free host. So, you can not have a A record in your DNS.

You will need to have two CNAME records as following


Note: Just type @ like I have shown above. Later cloudflare will convert it to your domain name.

But I’m not sure how to add MX record to point your website (and to use 000webhost email forwarder)

@ckhawand @akhilkumar332 @hexa @sulliops will help you :slightly_smiling_face: